Harvest Shipping Services Limited. Cardiff & Harwich.

Harvest Shipping Services Limited.


History :




Harvest Shipping Services Limited is solely owned by one of its original founding members Mr Michael Holmes. The company was established in 1991 to offer grain elevation services at the port of Felixstowe.


A vessel loading grain at the port of Felixstowe.

In May 1997, a major fire destroyed the original Dock Office, which dated back to 1888. This fire also destroyed and damaged our grain elevation loading equipment. Having been informed by the port management that the dock basin would be closing in the future in order to extend the ports deep sea container berths, a decision was made to concentrate the companies energy into its growing forwarding, ship broking and ships agency business.

In 2000, the ship broking division of the company was transferred to Cardiff, South Wales.

Due to the expansion and diversity of the Companies activities the following companies were formed in October 2004. 


Harvest Chartering Services Limited.


This company was incorporated to

develop our ship broking activities.


Harvest Agency Services Limited.


This company was formed to look

after our freight forwarding, ships

agency and liner agency activities.

In 2011 the Company celebrated its 20th anniversary.  During the past twenty years the company has stayed fluid and diversified as required by its clients. This philosophy will hopefully see the company develop and survive long into the future. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our clients who have supported us during the past 20 years and we look forward to developing our businesses with you for many years to come.